Octopizzo - Biography

Octopizzo Biography

Country : Kenya
Latest Song : Nikupate
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Octopizzo Biography

Octopizzo whose real name is Henry Ohanga, he is a hip hop artist and a youth activist from Kibera.  He is the founder of Octopizzo Foundation, founder of Refugee Art programmee dubbed “Artist for Refugee” with UNHRC , Ambassador for Awareness on violence against women and girls and also an actor.

Early Life

He did a computer course in Mombasa but later moved to Nairobi where he took a course of an electrician, he worked in a juakali based garage for 3yrs before join music fulltime.

Music Career

At a very young age Octopizzo was first and foremost shaped by his life in Kibera, but was musically influenced by artists such as Jay Z,Nas,Biggie,Pac and many more.

He has perfomed in amajor events all across the world; Shambala Festival in UK, Spoken World In Berlin,Sauti za Busara Festival in Zanzibar,Kenyan Night in Dubai,Reepabhan festival Hamburg,Coca cola world cup tour,Safaricom Live just to mention a few

He has recorded 3 mix-tapes: S.O.N. (Strugglers of Nairobi)2008, Y.G.B. (Young Gifted and Black)2009, and The White Shadow 2010. In 2008 S.O.N. was the best selling mixtape in Kenyan hip hop history. He has 2 studio albums Chocolate City and LDPC all available on iTunes,Amazon,Google Play,Spotify and Deezer.

Apart from music, he is also the C.E.O of Chocolate City (Kibera) Tours and Founder and Exucutive Director at Octopizzo Foundation:OF believes in untying young people from the shackles of desperation through the uniting ingredients of Creativity, Art, Music and Sports.

We all know that humanity has no boundaries; that being born poor or becoming poor does not make one less human. Though man has drawn lines that seem to separate us by race, nationality or social class, fundamentally we are all the same. People marginalized in slums and refugee camps have aspirations too.

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