“My Baby (Remix)” - Zendaya Ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Bobby Brackins & IamSu

My Baby (Remix) - Zendaya Ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Bobby Brackins & IamSu


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“My Baby (Remix)” Lyrics

"My Baby (Remix)"
(feat. Ty Dolla $ign, Bobby Brackins & IamSu!)

[Bobby Brackins:]
Made another hit for the radio station

[Hook - Zendaya:]
We should listen to each other's hearts
Fall in love and never part
We can make it happen
If you 'bout that action
Now here we go again, here we go again
You know you wanna be my baby
Here we go again, here we go again
You know you wanna be my baby

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Uh, I listen to your heart like the doctor
I love it when you call me big poppa
I'mma pick you up in the Benz
Your ex used to scoop you in a Honda
Now here we go, here we go
Tell him don't be mad she chose
She like diamonds, not roses
Uh, a lil man can't afford ya
Girl, you gorgeous, always stay 100
Uh, and you know you got a real one
You remind me of Aaliyah
Cause you one in a million


Darling, we should take a ride
Cruisin', flirting while we drive
Nothing could come kill our vibe
Got no worries on my mind
Now we’re livin', livin' good
Young and misunderstood
Got me trippin’, ya drive me crazy
You know you wanna be my baby
Let me tell you lil sum’n, lil sum’n
That you might wanna know about me
I don’t play no game, baby, listen, baby
If you love me then come show me


[Bobby Brackins:]
Do you wanna be my baby? Do you wanna be my girl?
I'm sayin' to the homie, you would look fly in some pearls
Been on it for a minute, since the day I got your name
We could do a movie and I could put you on the [?]
She said "Bobby, you so open, boo thang, I am a rider"
You ridin'? I'm a roller, boo thang, no more playin'
Uptown like she [?], gettin' laced by [?]
If you see me trippin', bet it's never off a head
The first one poppin' off a Nic Nac beat
Baby, I ball like a wish athlete
Listen to your heart, baby, bless and see
Live good and die together, we could rest in peace


Listen to my heart, it got base for your face
And it's HBK, she said "Hol' up, we should tape"
She could fix that, fix that
Where my independent chicks at that get that?
She don't never eat no Whoppers or Big Macs
She's a everyday shopper with bag bags
Quick, fast, in a hurry, I'mma pull up on you
Said it's Young Suzy, Young California
Uh, and I'm the governor of this state
A bad boy, walk a mile for the cheesecake
I put in work, whether weekend or week day
Good love got her sprung like T-Pain, ooh


[Bobby Brackins:]
You don't even gotta front
You know what time it is

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